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硅谷精神: 21世纪城市的解决方案——硅谷产业小镇的经验分享

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Sara Liss-KatzStudio T Square 城市一直是创新的摇篮。如今,创新本身正在将它的重心转向城市本身。实验性创新城市空间也是世界上最新一批成功初创企业的主题。因此,城市不仅仅是创新的容器,也是创新的内容。 Cities have always been repositories of in

  Sara Liss-Katz  Studio T Square

  城市一直是创新的摇篮。如今,创新本身正在将它的重心转向城市本身。实验性创新城市空间也是世界上最新一批成功初创企业的主题。因此,城市不仅仅是创新的容器 ,也是创新的内容。

  Cities have always been repositories of innovation. Now, innovation itself is turning its focus on cities. Experimenting with urban space is the subject of the latest batch of successful start-ups across the world. As a result, cities are not just containers of innovation – but also content.

  —— Carlo Ratti教授



  —— Professor Carlo Ratti

  Director, MIT Sensible City Laboratory

  and a member of the Global Agenda

  Council on the future of Cities


  The Bay Area and more specifically, Silicon Valley, has seen more change in its character than any part of the United States.  Cities here are attempting to balance the mix of new housing (ideally close to transit) with jobs created by tech innovators such as Google, Facebook, Adobe, Apple and Tesla, to mitigate the increasingly impacted commutes throughout the Bay Area.

硅谷精神: 21世纪城市的解决方案——硅谷产业小镇的经验分享


  From Bedroom to Tech Boom

  从历史上看,硅谷演变自散布在果树林中的传统汽车通勤住宅区的集聚发展。随着科技经济的扩张,原来的耕地已被多个技术园所取代,从 Intel、Xerox开始,并逐渐扩大到Apple、 Huawei、Samsung和其他公司。在过去,规划上一直努力避免高密度和混合性开发的建设,而现在,由于大量人力资源的涌入使现今的社区发展发生了一个明显的转变。如今,涌向硅谷的千禧一代和技术专业人士更注重环保,提倡降低对私家车的依赖程度,更愿意生活在以步行、自行车、公交或共享汽车为主,集工作、娱乐、社区一体的生活圈。

  Silicon Valley was, historically, an aggregation of traditional suburban bedroom communities interspersed between groves of fruit trees. With the expansion of the tech economy the formally agrarian backdrop has been replaced by multiple tech campuses beginning with Intel, Xerox and growing to include Apple, Huawei, Samsung and others.  Similarly, the new wave of community development reflects a marked shift from past efforts, a time when density and mixed-use were avoided. Today, millennials and tech professionals that flock to Silicon Valley are less reliant on single occupancy automobiles, and instead prefer living within walking, biking, transit or ride-sharing of their work, entertainment, and community activity zones.

硅谷精神: 21世纪城市的解决方案——硅谷产业小镇的经验分享

  新的城镇结构在许多方面在规划上与传统的郊区不同。但是,Studio T-Square认为美国硅谷郊区以车代步的生活方式和居住体验,需透过以下关键的城市社区设计来优化:

  The new town structure is differentiated from traditional suburbs in several ways. However, we believe that a recipe for any modern urban community must support the following key components:

  综合生活方式 Integrated Lifestyle


  The opportunity to live within walking or biking distance to recreation, public transit, and especially commercial amenities, fosters a sense of community identity.

  创意工作环境 Creative Work Options


  The opportunity to work in a flexible environment, be it from home, a café, or co-work center.

  公共交流空间 Public Breakout Spaces


  The opportunity for community interaction and convergence in public spaces that support the entrepreneurial spirit and modern needs.

  交通优先社区 Transit-first Neighborhoods


  Access to work, open spaces, supporting retail and regional transit via a strong bicycle and pedestrian network.

硅谷精神: 21世纪城市的解决方案——硅谷产业小镇的经验分享

硅谷精神: 21世纪城市的解决方案——硅谷产业小镇的经验分享

  Studio T-Square越来越贴心

  We Are Getting Warmer…

  Studio T-Square对于新城镇结构的理念在位于加利福尼亚州弗里蒙特的一个新社区总体规划中得以实现 ——暖春创意园 3区27英亩的总体规划,该社区位于硅谷外缘。作为暖春创意园社区计划中较大的一部分,Studio T-Square对项目的愿景是建立一个借由Tesla特斯拉电动车总部和暖春创意园捷运站所触动的新型创新区。通过多样化和密集的功能与业态来支持综合性的生活方式,包括各种多户住房选择,办公室,酒店,创意工作区,开放空间,零售和餐厅,所有这些都通过中央通道连接。此外,社区交通便利,距离最近完工的暖春创意园捷运站仅有不到5分钟的步行路程,无缝连接湾区卓越的快速轨道交通系统。

  Our formula for a new town structure is put to test in the 27-acre master plan for Warm Springs Area 3, a new community in Fremont, CA, located just outside of Silicon Valley proper. As a part of the larger Warm Springs Community plan our site envisions a new, innovation district anchored by the Tesla Factory and Warm Springs BART Station.  The master plan supports an integrated lifestyle via a diverse and dense program inclusive of various multifamily housing options, office, hotel, creative work, open space, retail and restaurants all connected via a central spine. Further, the community is conveniently located within a 5-minute walk to the recently completed Warm Springs BART Station, the Bay Area’s preeminent public rapid transit system.

硅谷精神: 21世纪城市的解决方案——硅谷产业小镇的经验分享


  Designed for knowledge workers and upstart tech innovators the plan provides a variety of multi-family housing options – market rate and affordable rental units, for-sale townhomes, and condominiums.  Each unit is no more than 1 block away from the central spine connecting to a series of planned open spaces as well as neighborhood retail/amenity space, which in turn link to a community park, public school, and the BART station. The master plan features traditional office space, cafés, live/work units, and even a co-working hub, providing flexible and creative work opportunities.

硅谷精神: 21世纪城市的解决方案——硅谷产业小镇的经验分享

硅谷精神: 21世纪城市的解决方案——硅谷产业小镇的经验分享

  在公共领域规划时,Studio T-Square从大型科技公司开创的90年代的空间规划模型中汲取灵感,以公共交流空间为设计重点,而私人办公室为次,更关注人与人的分享和交流。这促使Studio T-Square战略性地联系各空间,为非正式的、不经意间的人们互动的提供机会。这些社区的共享空间是促进当今网络时代人们进行交流的重要元素,充当了各种新的想法进行共享、分析、重新配置的非正式孵化器。将联排别墅之间的区域变成社区和露天广场,在这些公共区域内,在人行道边引入咖啡馆和酒吧等,构成同事和朋友会面的完美场所。

  In planning the public realm, we took inspiration from the space-planning model pioneered by large tech firms in the 90s where the breakout spaces were more carefully considered than private offices. This led us to develop strategic linkages that provide opportunity for informal and unplanned interactions. These community breakout zones are the backdrop for networking, acting as a casual incubator of sorts where new ideas are shared, dissected, and reconfigured. Within the public realm these spaces take the form of cafes and bars interspersed along pedestrian walks – the perfect placed for meeting with colleagues and friends – and open spaces that vary from allees between townhomes, to neighborhood mews and open plazas.

硅谷精神: 21世纪城市的解决方案——硅谷产业小镇的经验分享

硅谷精神: 21世纪城市的解决方案——硅谷产业小镇的经验分享

  Studio T-Square 暖春创意园总体规划重新定义了企业园区的模式,重新设计了共享空间的理念,以满足现代专业人士,科技创业家和年轻家庭成长的需求。这个社区反映了硅谷社区不断进化的特质,并进一步扩展和影响了周边区域,创造了支持和鼓励21世纪创新精神的城镇。

  The Warm Springs master plan reimagines the model of the corporate campus, repurposing the idea of the breakout space to fit needs of the modern professional, tech entrepreneur, and young family on the rise. The community reflects the evolving nature of the neighborhoods within Silicon Valley and further expands upon the influential region, creating towns that support and encourage innovation in the 21st century.

硅谷精神: 21世纪城市的解决方案——硅谷产业小镇的经验分享